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A 4WD Adventure - To "Marks Shack"

 Over 30 years ago Carol's brother Mark was fishing up in the highlands of Tasmanian, near Lake King William. On one of his visits he decided on a perfect spot to build a shack (a hut). It did not matter to Mark that his chosen location was on public land.

 A couple of weeks later he turned up with a trailer load of second hand building material and a carton of beer. He will not discuss how many beers have been consumed at the shack but occasionally he mentions proudly things like, "see that wood heater? Cost me a carton of beer".

At first the land was managed by Tasmania's Hydro Electric Authority followed by Forestry Tasmania who decided to charge Mark a lease for the land and at the same time the Central Highlands council sent out a rates notice. For a few years it cost Mark $1050 a year for a shack that he allowed all comers to use.

More recently the land has become part of the Tasmanian World Heritage area, managed by the National Parks Service and they have said "all is well" just keep doing what you have been doing and keep the place tidy. So now finally," Mark's Shack" has some legitimacy and has become a part of our high country hut heritage. At Easter, 2015 we borrowed Mark's 1987 4WD and finally took Carol to see the shack.

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